A Quick Change

The snow day was announced. The plans for the day ran through my head. I could still do everything.  As the day came with a thankfully later wake up call, my plans were quickly rearranged. One appointment was rescheduled due to the weather, yet the roads were surprisingly clear. As with many teachers, give me an extra hour and I’ll make use of it. So, I did.

I called my hair salon expecting that others had cancelled and I was right. I could come in any time I wanted. Quick, choose one. Commit. Or I wouldn’t do it. “Okay, I’ll be there at 5:00pm.”

Greeting my stylist with smile and a hug, she looked at me inquisitively knowing that the schedule was off. I’d just been there a month  ago, so a haircut wasn’t on schedule unless it was something different and different it was. Pictures accompanied our conversation , and the warm water washed away any remnants of worry.

The scissors came out and 4 inches disappeared. Chunks on the floor. Deep breaths in the chair. “Is the length ok?”

“Yes.” Because I can’t get any of those 4 inches back. Think about the short beachy waves that the Hollywood starlets have.  Convincing myself, “You’ll make it happen.”

“Yes” You reaffirm, “it’s good.” And then even more landed on the floor as layers were cut. The blow dryer screamed hot air. Shake your head. Let’s add some curl.

It was done….

And I loved it. A quick change for a new season.


One thought on “A Quick Change

  1. Ahhh the feeling of freedom on a snow day! I don’t care how old I get – I will ALWAYS love snow days! You captured it here – and added a bit of fun on top with the new hair cut. Love it!!


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