Here’s to the Lamb

“In a like lion out like a lamb.” I’ve always loved that saying. It infers that through the month of March that the weather will have improved and give way to the kinder gentler April spring weather.

While I like this phrase in an ideal fuzzy fairy tale way, the reality is that I live in Michigan  and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work this early March morning.  March in Michigan came in like the lion it promises with frigid temps, ice, and snow. Leaving work, my car had a coat of ice chunks in it already and the roads had a layer of sleet making them slick. My should-be-mandatory-for-everyone-in-Michigan vehicle, an all wheel drive SUV handled the conditions wonderfully with a tempered patience and outlook for others on my part.

As I pulled into my driveway a relief washed over me and I smiled to myself thinking of March in Michigan. By this weekend it will probably be 50 degrees.  Here’s to the lamb!


2 thoughts on “Here’s to the Lamb

  1. That’s always been one of my favorites,too. I remember sitting on the carpet at the back of Mrs. LeBreton’s room and repeating the saying. That was a very long time ago. But it is one that has always stuck with me. Here’s hoping you lamb in very meek and mild!


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