Bats in the Attic

I was tired, so I went to sleep early.  I had a book to read, so I was looking toward to laying quietly in bed.  Just as I had settled in, book in hand, reading light on, covers and pillowed arranged just-so, I heard it. A tiny scratching in the ceiling above my head.

I knew what it was, so I went straight to annoyance.  I called my husband to come upstairs just to check and make sure what I was hearing was actually what I was hearing.  He confirmed my fears.

To understand this current moment, I have to take you back to an earlier moment.  Several months after we bought our house, we had some electrical work done which forced the electrician into our attic.  The electrician said, “You have a bat.”  That is exactly what we had.  1 bat.  So, we called the exterminator and took care of if.

Now, what we learned from this is that bats can fit into holes about the size of a nickle even though they are fist-sized themselves.  So, part of the extermination was to fill any possible holes.  Also, it is illegal to kill bats in Michigan, so to “remove” the ONE bat, they have to install a one-way exit door.

So all of this took place about 3 years ago.

Now, the bats are back.  I’d say one possibly two and the exterminators can’t do anything until it gets warmer out.  So, I’m laying in bed and I can’t sleep because all I can think about is the bat scratching the wall in between the ceiling and the insulation.  Now, you can sense my annoyance, and also, they have never been in my house, but it’s just creepy.


5 thoughts on “Bats in the Attic

  1. Oh, that’s rough! I can’t believe you have to remove them, rather than exterminate them in place. Yikes. While I don’t want to get political, it sickens me that bats seem to have more rights to safety than the people of Flint.
    But getting back to you, I could imagine relaxing and sleeping at home can be rough knowing there are bats around.

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  2. Oh boy! This sounds awful…I’m sure that this is definitely interrupting your sleeping! What a creepy experience…Hopefully, for your sake, this weather warms up quickly so you can finally get a good nights sleep!


  3. When I rented a basement apartment years ago, I heard mice running overhead. It was so disgusting…thankfully my landlord got it taken care of in no time. So sorry! I bet you’re going batty! (Sorry, that just had to be worked in there…)
    Hope the situation gets solved ASAP!


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