Lunch with the kids.  We call it #nozeros.  It started at the beginning of the year to give kids another chance to get work turned in.  It has continued as that, but also as a place of openness and giggles and today, sharing oreos.

The kids came in, with their lunches.  Some needed to come in to turn in their reading log, others just wanted a place to hang and some came with friends.  Some leave when they are finished, others stay and eat.  I giggle at the stories they share and I know that these lunches are something special.  It’s funny that there is no editing of stories when it’s lunch time – the typical filter is removed simply because of the timing.  I was enjoying the time with the kids in a less-than-academic way as the question came, “Mrs. Gurney, do you want an oreo, I brought them for everyone at lunch”.  I smiled and happily munched on a childhood treat.  

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”


5 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. This is such a beautiful Slice of Life! A snippet in time – And you being there for them, recognizing that this is a “special time” is the most beautiful thing of all to me. Yes!


  2. We eat with a few of our third graders one day each week and it is such a great time. Timing is really important and the experience helps build a sense of safety.


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