Where I’m Supposed To Be

I knew I was in the right place because I was appreciated for exactly who I was and my natural tendencies.

The email came from a colleague.  She said that another colleague thought that I would have the agendas in my notebooks.  As a writer and a very type A person, I keep a notebook each year for meetings and professional developments that I go to.  Yes, they are labeled for the year, and every entry gets a date label as well as topic label.  If an agenda is handed out or other small materials this all gets taped into the notebook. If there is no agenda, I write it in as it’s presented.  Also, it’s a great place for ideas and my sanity during less-than-stellar presentations.

I smiled when I read her email with the dates of the requested material. She, has some of the same tendencies that I do.  I went right to my notebooks and marked what she needed. She thanked me profusely and implored me to never throw away my notebooks because they might save a life one day since they have so much in them.  I laughed and breathed gently.  There was no judgment.  There was was appreciation and respect. As adults I think that’s all we really look for. I knew I was in the right place because of my great colleagues.


3 thoughts on “Where I’m Supposed To Be

  1. I want to take organizational lessons from you. It is so easy, in the busy-ness of life, for me to just stick my PD notes on a shelf and never see them again. It is sad. I need a friend like you!


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