Revert to Comfort

I sat down, after a day of house work – laundry, cleaning, getting the yard ready.  It was a long day.  When I sat down, I knew I was done, but we needed establish an online account.  My husband had already established his and made his choice, but I needed to create an account before I could make my choice.  As I do this, I am annoyed that I have to create a separate account.  I don’t understand when things won’t allow you to have a family account.  Anyway, I put in my normal stuff which includes an email that was made under my maiden name.

I press “submit.”

Moments later, my husband gets an email that says, Amy Cusumano has added as a guest on your reservation.  This is my maiden name, and I didn’t even realize that I had written it in, until my husband, said, “Great.  Amy Cusumano added to my reservation.”  As soon as he said it, I knew that I had done something wrong, and then I realized that my mistake hurt him.  I quickly apologized and changed it.

As weird as it was to change my name after marriage, I’ve been doing pretty good remembering to sign and say it.  But, given my tiredness and mood, I revert back to comfort.


One thought on “Revert to Comfort

  1. You were on auto-pilot and your brain simply went back to auto-response. Give it a few more years, then the married name will be on auto-pilot.


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