Good Intentions Gone Awry

I went to the grocery store.  I had planned on this trip.   I had my list, and I was ready.  I also had the added benefit of escaping the mess at my house with this trip.  The boys were ripping out the old landscaping at my house and for some reason, though I was told explicitly not to help or be around, I was very “needed.”  Well all I really needed to do was go to the grocery store, and so I did.  I’d be back by lunch when I actually was needed to provide sustenance.


I love to cook, so with my list was also a plan for the week’s dinners.  A bit ironically, though, I I don’t love grocery shopping.  I think it’s too crowded and I really feel like you have to be on your game or you’ll get something you don’t want like “Everything Triscuits” or “Reduced Fat Ritz Crackers” when you wanted original of both, and I never feel like I have the time I want to spend on the task. So, when I’m overwhelmed or something else is on my mind, grocery shopping is hard.  Today, though it was a welcome release from anticipating the needs of the friends working at my house.


I started at the back with the milk and eggs like I always do.  I grabbed the few items on my list and started to weave through the aisles. I was in the aisles to pick up some pantry items that needed replenishing, and had to go back to get some an item that was overlooked and forgotten. Frustrated, though, that I had to go back, I bought the wrong version of the item.  Who knew that there was baking soda boxes for baking and for your refrigerator?  Anyways, onward I went.  Knowing that I had an extra savings coupon for my whole cart purchase, I also bought some extra items, things that are not on my weekly or biweekly shopping lists since I had the savings.

I got up front and pulled into a check-out lane.  I got out my phone coupons and my credit card only to realize that I left my total purchase coupon in my other purse.  So, I had a cart full of items and no savings to be had.  I bought everything anyway, but was not happy that with all that planning I had overlooked my coupon.  Well, at least I have some chocolate from my grocery purchases to contribute to my mood.


One thought on “Good Intentions Gone Awry

  1. Ugh – I have done a similar thing before and it’s so frustrating! Just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, right?

    Good thing there was chocolate.


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