Loving Learning

At dinner with my family, all of whom are teachers, we were speaking about summer plans including a pig roast my parents are planning and my first wedding anniversary.  It quickly became apparent that June was filling up.  When I expressed that I would be joining my district’s cohort group for a leadership course which includes a summer overnight, my parents didn’t blink an eye.  They know that I am often seeking opportunities to increase my leadership and the leadership of those around me.  My younger sister, however, scoffed.  She mentioned that the same opportunity came through her district and she deleted it after looking at the requirements.  Now, an answer like this from my sister doesn’t surprise me.   She’s a close-to-home person, and this experience would extend her farther than that.  Thinking about this, though, it never occurred to me to NOT try for a spot in this program.  Then I began to think about why that was.

This experience, though, came hand-in-hand with a conversation I had with a former professor.  I was sharing some details about my life from the last year and where my thinking about teaching is currently at.  I mentioned to her that I looked into an advanced degree opportunity, but realized quickly that it wouldn’t add to my learning since it was essentially a repeat of my recent Master’s degree.  When she inquired why I might have been interested in that program, I simply stated that I liked school.  She laughed kindly, and agreed that I do love school.

Each day, I prepare for the students.  I try to do my very best to teach them something that they can take with them from my classroom even if it is just a bit of confidence in writing.  Recently, my district and my count has been asking me to present at professional developments.  These are events where I would previously be taking in material to use to grow myself.  However, more and more, the schedules haven’t allowed me to engage in my own learning due to presenting.  I found myself looking for more.  I realized that I’ve recently been missing that “teaching” element in lieu of being the teacher. I realized that on two separate occasions this past week that I love learning and that I am ready to be taught.


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