It is one of those Spring tasks that is annoying and time-consuming, but so worth it until it rains or the bird poop shows up again.  I’m talking window cleaning.

Saturday was the first day in Michigan when it was warm enough to open the windows for any period of time.  Waking up in the morning, there was a chill inside the house, yet the heat wouldn’t kick on because it was too warm.  So, I knew that it was time.  Time to pen some windows.  I opened the front door and wound the side casements open.  I smiled as the bright, fresh scent of spring wafted in the screens.  I headed upstairs and raised the front bedroom windows only to be affronted with  winter’s sludge on my window tracks.  Eww, I thought as my lips pursed and turned downward in a frown. We need to clean the windows.  Already booked with things to do on Saturday, we decided to complete the task on Sunday.

On Sunday, we gathered towels, buckets, a squeegee and a ladder. We made a plan and dove in.  I used a sponge with hot water and soap to clean the tracks as my husband “squeegeed” the glass.  The more we cleaned, the better they looked and better we felt.  Then the dark cloud rolled in as we moved upstairs.  The first rain drops fell as my husband was on the roof cleaning the casing around our second floor windows.  Soft droplets dusted the clean first floor windows.  Within 15 minutes, it was done.  But more rain was expected and we were only half-way done with our task.

Since our windows actually raise out and can be removed from the frame, we finished the windows with the rain pelting our house.  We just looked at each other knowing that rain was expected, but still happy that the windows were clean.  Then we walked downstairs  to see that a bird had sideways pelted our sliding glass door with excrement!  We had cleaned this same spot only hours before.  Resigned to life’s little nuances, I try not to read into this.  At least I can say that my windows are “clean.”


4 thoughts on ““Clean”

  1. I will never forget the time I pulled out of the car wash onto the street, only to have a bird leave a giant fly-by plop on my driver’s window! So frustrating, yet too funny not to laugh.


    1. Speaking of bird droppings…once a friend and I were on a terrace at a popular restaurant, and I said something about someone that was not very nice. Not a moment later, a bird-plop landed right on my hand. That was a sign if there ever was one! Ha!


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