A Break

Spring Break couldn’t come fast enough.  As my students and I stared down the clock in the final moments until the end of the day, we all wanted a break.

There are times when I an mentally take a break, but this time, I needed a physical break to separate myself from the thoughts that plagued my mind and the list that was ever-growing.  Thankfully,  I was taking one.

The week before break ended with flurry of test prep for students and teachers as well as the rush for essay grades to complete quarter three grades.  The weeks before had been riddled with personal losses for our staff members and some very special parent emails and meetings.  All of this, though, was topped off with an impromptu staff meeting that pointed to an imminent worry coming our school’s way.  I couldn’t stay and have the situations harangue my thoughts any further, so the final moments crept by as I longed to rush out of the building doors.

Typically, I take the things to-do a day at a time.  I fit the things that don’t fit into the schedule somewhere and generally few like I’ve accomplished at least a few things by the end of the day, but this time a mountain was building and one brick at a time just wasn’t removing it’s force.

So, I escaped.  I got on the plane and went on vacation with my husband and family.  Arriving, I quickly got set up with the essentials – a beach chair (from an earlier post, the chairs my husband packed were too tall to take as luggage), a thick coat of SPF 30, and a glass of lemonade.  Soon, my feet were in the sand as the sun’s rays warmed my skin and erased my clouded brain.  I could have thought about the things that awaited my return home – the closets that needed to be seasonally switch, the yard word that needed tending, the upcoming state testing, the media report on my school, but I didn’t think about these things.  Instead, I filled my days with a morning walk and thoughts of only, do I need more sunblock and should I eat another shrimp.  I vacationed so thoroughly that on the trip home, I looked at my husband and said that we needed to plan another trip.  He looked at me and smiled and kindly asked when I changed my mind about staying home always.

My response was simple – I went on vacation and I liked it.  I had received the break that I needed.


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