A Reflection on Slicing

Dear Two Writing Teachers,
Just a short time before the Slicing Story Challenge started, I started posting slices on Tuesdays.  I found a welcoming community that pushed me to push myself.  Then, the challenge came and I debated and talked myself into it and out of it, only to put myself into it because I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t.  
I dove in with my own writing rules and developed new ones along the way.   I wrote each day, living wide awake, so I would have something to write about.  I wrote about the life I am living and the moments inside of that.  I haven’t written this much since I was part of my local writing project.  I also shared my writing.
I’m happy to say that I have grown.  I can find a spin on moments in my life that can truly make them a slice.  I appreciate reading other people’s slices and often borrow ideas for my own writing (thank you fellow slicers).  I grew my writing process because there isn’t time for several drafts in daily slicing.  I accepted that my writing doesn’t have to be perfect.  I accepted that sometimes it is.  I made time each day to write.  
As I leave this month, I want to say thank you for the opportunity.  Too often I say I will write, and then I don’t.  Or I write what I must for school and spend little time writing for myself.  This month, though, I wrote for myself because you asked it and because my fellow slicers encouraged it. I now truly feel part of a community of writers with whom I will continue to write with. 
Thank you Two Writing Teachers.  I look forward to your blog posts, slices, and comments.  Thank you for creating a space for other writing teachers.
Amy (agurney2015) 

3 thoughts on “A Reflection on Slicing

  1. “Living wide awake” – I LOVE this line!!! Can I steal it? It’s beautiful. It’s been a fun month reading and commenting with you. I hope you’ll continue with Tuesdays 🙂


    1. I might have already stolen it to be honest – lol. As I tell my students, you are always welcome to “steal” from other writers (as long as you give them credit :)). I will continue with Tuesdays, but I’m on Spring Break mentally and physically, so I’ll continue after that. Hope to “see” you during the year.


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