Books I Read

The tears dripped down my face, but my mouth smiled as I closed the cover of my book. I am an avid reader. My mom likes to say that once I started reading I never stopped. I will read anything, but I love a hard cover book. Like anyone, I have my favorite series and the related characters as well as my favorite authors. Why do I love these books? It’s because there is an expectation from that author of a certain enjoyable quality. It may not be everyone’s taste, but since it’s my author list, it doesn’t matter.  Then there are books that I just come across and read because I felt the draw or sometimes the recommendation.  Sometime, I simply like the character. Following a character through a series of books is truly a gift and a well-written book makes you miss that character when the story has ended. Like many, I think about these characters in my real life, but for the most part, they live on the page, and come alive each night when I open my book. Tonight happened to be a night that I finished my book. Just like any good book, it left me wanting more. I want to hear the rest of the character’s lives. But, it was a beautiful ending in which all the pieces came together, and thus, the tears slip down my cheeks.


2 thoughts on “Books I Read

  1. Your love of books is beautiful. I especially think your last line of this slice is so special. The wording, “tears slip down my cheeks” truly gives us a glimpse into the emotional connection you give to your characters. Thank you for sharing!


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