31 Slices Found Poem

Just as there is a following for Slices, there is a following for Found Poems.  Found poems are literally found in your daily life.  The rules are that you choose a text that is 100-300 words and then you choose 50 or so “good” words.  These “good” words will be used to create your poem.  Your poem does not have to have the same theme as the original text.  You may add 2 words to your final poem.  Personally, I allow myself to change the tense of words as well, but some found poem enthusiasts may not agree.  So, today, I wrote a found poem from my slice titles this month.
Write a slice
one little word
I persevere
and find comfort with a paragraph
Unpacking change in our life together
indulging in writing rules,
nail polish, food pics, books, and friends
February, dark inside
doin slicing with kids
and painting with dad
Spring found change
ringing in lungs
dance, persevere, laugh
calm time for what if?
Good, happy slices each day.

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