Happy Birthday!

We were invited to my husband’s cousins birthday party. He is 8 and he is a huge sports person. He will play any sport and for a kid he is pretty good. Due to all of this, his birthday is sports themed. It is also a surprise party for an 8 year old. In order to make it a true surprise we only found out about the party on Friday for a Saturday party. Now this is pretty typical of my husband’s cousin. Ali. We are not allowed to park at the house. We have to park down the road and get shuttled in by family cars. Yes, this party is quite the endeavor.

So, we get to the party via the shuttle at exactly 4:30 as we were told. And then we were put to work. We decorated a basketball cake with Reese pieces. We placed pepperoni on pizza to mimic the shape of a basketball. We also arranged carrots and olives in the shape of a basketball. We even hung up balloons and streamers and lanterns all sports themed. This is not surprising though given this family. They are the nicest people and they are very generous with gifts, but the will wrap then when they got to the shower and will sometimes even ask for tape at your house. Essentially, nothing about this party is surprising. Including that the birthday boy who was supposed to be here with his dad at 5 is still not here at 6. Happy Birthday!


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