A Paragraph

The quote of the day enticed me to consider, “If we’re lucky, the sentences will hold, the paragraph will retain its beauty and poise, and the essay will snap into place. Then there are those other times.”

So, as I entice, my students, I grabbed onto part of this quote and wrote.
My 8th grade team is remiss.  We didn’t do something that was asked of us, and we received an email from the principal about it.  Now, this is an extra thing.  It isn’t part of teaching or caring for students, it is more like an advertisement for the school.  It’s not that we haven’t valued it, but like most, we just ran out of time as we welcomed the high school counselors for scheduling and responded to parents with class choice concerns, as well as trying to wrap our heads around the schedule for state testing.
Anyway, our task is to print pictures of things we do in our classroom to display for the school.  I held back because while I value student’s writing, an essay is not necessarily attractive and it’s true beauty cannot be highlighted in a picture frame.  I would have loved to show the student blogs, but the picture frames are not interactive, so I was stuck.  Out colleagues filled the frames with projects and pictures of projects, and the 8th grade shelves sat
empty.  We are bad.  So, we sat at team planning and gathered our materials.  Then they look at me – and say, “We need a blurb about these pictures.”  I think, okay, a sentence maybe two.  Explain where we are in the picture and what the learning task was. Then I see the others in the showcase and they have written paragraphs!  A blurb is not a paragraph says the Language Arts teacher.  I didn’t add that I didn’t want to write it – I’m slicing!
Well, I guess I’ll write the paragraphs.  Hopefully they will come together to fulfill the requirement.

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