One of my very favorite things in the world is food.  Luckily, my husband agrees and we often enjoy food together.  Tonight, took us to our favorite Greek restaurant with some friends.  This is a local restaurant that is not in the best location, however, the food is outstanding.  My husband always gets lamb chops and I always get a Greek Salad with chicken. We always start off with saganaki with, as my husband says, the best pita anywhere.  It is good pita – they grill it so it is warm and crisp when it comes to you, but soft and warm in the inside.  We dip out pita in the flaming cheese and smile at each other.

Tonight, though, it isn’t just us, our friends, who are recently engaged are joining us.  So, we all order our typicals and we laugh and joke as we check in on each other and especially stories of wedding drama that we can relate to having only been in that same situation a year ago.  We try not to say what we would do, but rather listen to them as they excitedly tell us about their venue and date.
We end up staying out late enjoying each other’s company and food, and I wonder why we don’t take the time to enjoy a night out like this more often.  It was the perfect night.

2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Well, you may find that you will spend more time with them now that they are getting married. my husband and I found that friends changed when we got married and again when we had children. As your conversation focus changes, so do your social contacts.
    Sounds like you had a great time that certainly does bear repeating!


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