Shut up and Dance

I drive 65 miles each day on my commute to work.  Yes, I spend almost 2 hours in my car daily.  Over the past 6 years that I have driven this commute, I have developed relationships with some favorite Detroit-area DJs and I know when all of the Hollywood gossip will play on my morning route and switch seemlessly between stations so I can catch it all.  I play along with the little games and mostly I listen to the top 40s music.  Some of my students are astounded at the popular music I know and can reference.  Many people often wonder if I listen to NPR.  I do, but I feel like it is too disconnected from my world because I miss out on real-time traffic and weather reports.  I also often get the question, do you listen to books on tape.  I have done this, but overall, I am fearful of getting too wrapped up in the story to complete my drive.

On Friday, though, a song popped on the radio and I could do nothing, but dance a bit in my car.  It was the first day of spring and the sun was shining.  It wasn’t overall warm, but I was on my way home from a long week, and I was looking forward to the weekend for no other reason than it was the weekend.  I also knew that my husband would be home from his business trip and we would be heading out to eat somewhere.

So, when the song, “Shut up and Dance with Me” came on the radio, I started by beating the beat of the song on my steering wheel.  Knowing that I needed a little bit more, I bounced a bit and threw my head into it.  I’m sure other drivers were looking as they passed around me, but I didn’t care.  I cared only in that moment that this song made me happy and if I wasn’t in my car, I would dance, and so I did.  I also belted out the lyrics until it ended and another song came on.  It lifted my spirits and set me up for a beautiful weekend. Check it out, it might do the same for you.


3 thoughts on “Shut up and Dance

  1. Oh true joy de vivre! Dancing in the car as if no one can see you – without a care. We should all do it more often; it may even eradicate road rage. Thanks for the smile. I danced along with you.


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