Painting with Dad

The walls have been prepped – wholes and divets, filled with spackle and sanded smooth.  Caulk has been filled in spaces between baseboards and walls. I carefully, tape around the moldings knowing that the better the taping, the better the painting.  I lay a strip of tape along the carpet as well before adding a piece of butcher paper around the entire perimeter.  I also have my workspace ready – paintbrushes, trays, tray liners, paint stirrers, rollers, and spare towels.  If you’ve ever painted before you can see that  I have embarked on a paint experience.

As I ready my materials and my workspace, I can hear my dad echoing in my ears.  I want to show him that he taught me well and that I can paint by myself.  Last year, when my husband and I bought our house, we spent a month repainting every upstairs room.  We meticulously chose our own color scheme and covered every last inch of trim, molding, ceiling, and wall in our own colors rather than the previous owner’s “paper bag brown” as we referred to it.  It was satisfying to watch our home become ours.  In this endeavor, my dad taught me how to paint.  He showed me and allowed me to prep walls and tape, how-to roll walls and cut, and how to clean up mistakes and prep a paint can.  At the time, I became quite adept doing all of the taping and removal as well as all of the cutting.  I even rolled some rooms as I became more comfortable with the experience.  However, I credit my dad with the bulk of the work as he painted ceilings and most of the walls.  We bonded a bit over the experience and I walked away knowing that I had a new skill.

Now, even though we painted the entire living part of our house, we left the finished basement for another time, which I decided was the last two weekends. As I said, I prepped the walls, taped, and readied my materials.  This would be the last remnants of the previous owner’s penchant for brown paint (burnt toast in the basement).  Starting the project, I was nervous, I had never painted by myself before.  I had no one to look over my shoulder and help me to correct mistakes that I had made.  So, I started slowly – cutting the walls (using the brush to apply a coat of paint along moldings, trims, and wall corners  – places the roller brush won’t be able to reach cleanly).  My rhythm coming back slowly, but my lines clean and precise.  Then I rolled the first coat, but I saw streaks and uneven drying.  It was going to be a mess was all I could think.  Several hours later, with one coat of paint in the basement, the gray paint had dried and was smooth and beautiful.  I had done it. The remnants of the previous owners are gone!

Now, I called my dad to tell him what I’d done  He responded of course that he would’ve helped me as I knew he would, but I told him that I wanted to show him that I could do it.  He came over to see the first coat of paint and was duly impressed, especially with the stairwell that I used a handle extender on.  Having now finished the project,  I can’t wait to reveal the finished project to him.  I am so happy that I was able to do this.  Thanks dad for teaching me how to paint.


3 thoughts on “Painting with Dad

  1. Your father sounds like a kind man. You described so clearly all he taught you, and then you shared your insecurities about painting on your own. A child growing up, but still wanting her daddy to see and be proud. And a grateful daughter. I loved the ending. 🙂


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