Spring has been approaching slowly, but surely, and with it’s official onset this weekend, I know it can’t come soon enough. Last night, I replaced the white and silver sparkle flower mix in my crystal vase with soft pink hydrangeas. Now, the flowers are fake and the vase was a wedding present, but it sits on a sideboard and gets changed every season. Typically, season changes get done in one weekend, but at the end of winter, I have taken the change on in slow transition much like the weather itself.

At the beginning of March, when I craved the warmth and brightness of spring rather than the snow and cold that I was experiencing, I put away my snow decorations. I put away the towels and rugs and hanging sparkling snowflakes. I did this in hope that I could will it not to snow again.

Last weekend, as the sun shone and warmth of spring crept in, I did a bit of a spring spruce to get ready for our new carpet. In the linen closet, I organized towels and sheets as well as putting like items in clear plastic tubs. I also jotted out my shopping list knowing that this would be the last time I would make most of these winter dishes.

Now, the spring warmth has remained, the sun is shining, and I have just a few things still left to shift. This weekend, I’ll remove those “heavy” sweaters from my closet and even move some of my winter shoes to the top rack of my closet. I’ll cook a roast and lasagna for the last time.

Now, as spring is officially here, the last thing to change is my front door wreath to one that is beautiful with white hydrangeas, pink roses and a soft pink ribbon. I look forward to the changes of spring and cannot wait to cook with fresh vegetables, grill outside, plant flowers, and spend time outside.

So, as I think forward to things I am looking forward to in spring and reflect on the lasts of winter, what are some of yours?


4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Wow! I am impressed at how organized you are about the season changes. It seems like you have some great ideas for accessories that brighten up your house. I am also excited for Spring and Summer, but for me it just comes out in the Spring cleaning that I do once I can open up my windows and air out the house.


  2. I like how you shared your seasonal traditions (though I was a bit bitter also as I looked out at the snow pack remaining in my front yard!). Your post made me wonder what I do to usher in changes of season. I’m clearly nowhere near as organized as you are (no plastic bins with like items–good for you!), but I’m sure I must do something. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing!


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