Lost and Found

I picked up a jacket in my classroom that had been left behind.  It has been there for a week, and no one claimed it.  The lone, North Face jacket sat atop the short bookshelf at the front of my room.  My hope is that a students would claim the jacket as they came through my room.  However, now it is the end of the week and no one claimed it, so I move it to remind myself to take it to lost and found.  As I moved it, a student in my class noticed this and inquired.  So, I replied that it had been sitting for a week and that I was taking it to Lost and Found.  She told me that they were picking up the lost and found next week.

Given my relationship with this student, I followed up with a story about my own lost and found mishap.  Last year, I dropped my scarf heading out of school on a particularly long Friday.  I didn’t notice until I got home and was admittedly upset.  Relaying this story to my family among the other things that happened that day I unnecessarily put the scarf at the top of the bad things that had happened that day.  It matched my hat and gloves and went perfectly with my coat.  It was also so warm.  So, I went to school on Monday renewed and in search of my scarf.  Not seeing the Lost and Found racks, I asked in the office.  The secretary informed me that they had taken all of the  lost and found on Friday including my scarf.  Now, like many schools, the lost and found is extensive and sits for a very long time.  I am also not a person who loses thing, but alas, I was without my scarf after only a moment lapse in my being.
The young woman I was speaking with regaled me with a story of her own when she blamed losing something on actually giving it to her cousin with the hand-me-downs.  During this story a young man peaked his ears and beckoned to tell his own story of losing something.  He told me that he owed his mother (whom I know from frequent volunteering at school) $150 because he lost his coat.  I simply, went up front and grabbed the coat that had been sitting in my room for a week, and asked if it was his.  He responded happily that it was and at this point, the class who had gotten a bit side-tracked, laughed.  We are all happy that his story ended better than mine!

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