Bagel Day

So, today was bagel day – I left the bakery with 3 dozen salt bagels and 1 dozen sesame bagels (to share!) packed nicely in paper bags in my car.  I’lll drop them at my aunt, uncle, and mom’s, and we’ll freeze them and take them out one-by-one to enjoy.  Tomorrow is salty bagel for lunch day, and the day after that will be toasted sesame bagel for breakfast day.  Maybe right now is bagel time, but anyway…

Since I don’t live near where I work, I pick up bagels every couple of months and distribute them throughout my family.  While they haven’t been lucky enough to enjoy a real New York bagel, I’ve assured them that these are aptly similar.
For anyone who has every had a bagel in New York City, you are a lucky person.  First, they come in every flavor imaginable, and the shmear (or cream cheese) flavors are just as eclectic.  I mean, an everything bagel with tatzikii smear?  The shmear has cucumbers, dill, and garlic folded into whipped cream cheese.  Or a salt bagel with honey cream cheese.  The options are endless, even when your favorite, like mine, is a sesame seed with plain cream cheese. The beauty of a New York bagel is that the outside is crisp and will almost crack as you bite into it, but the inside is soft and light, and one bagel is the size of your head.  Now, I could wax on about New York bagels, but unfortunately, I’ve had these only twice because I live in Michigan.
I’m not crazy, but I do love bagels. So, when I happily realized that there are equitable New York bagels in Michigan, I wanted to share the news.  The bakery is called, New York Bagel, and they have done these right.  I first discovered this bakery after my interview in the district where I now teach.  On my way home, I stopped to grab a bite to eat at New York bagel from a friend’s recommendation and was happily impressed. I knew that these would become a staple in my purchases. These bagels, like New York, are crisp on the outside and light and soft on the inside.  They also have a small deli selection where you can add various salads and spreads to your bagel.  My favorite here is the salt bagel with cream cheese, but if I make it at home, I’ll put a tuna salad made with cream cheese on the toasted salt bagel.  Yum.  I am hungry writing this, I think it’s bagel time.

5 thoughts on “Bagel Day

  1. We have a bagel shop off Touhy north of Chicago that has amazing bagels. We call them Touhy Bagels due to the location. They are far better than the other options around. It’s a bit out of the way, so we don’t get them often, but the whole family enjoys them when we do. My favortie is the salt, but only when it’s fresh from the shop. 🙂


  2. Isn’t great when you love a particular food so much that you can write a whole slice about it?! You did the bagel justice with your words. I want one!!! I’m going to have to think about a food I love that much and get to writing!


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