A (Second) One Little Word

The more I have let myself ponder what my one little word may be, the more this word rises to the surface.  I am a writer.  I used to be afraid of this word, writer.  But, now I know that there is not one way to be a writer.  For me, a writer is a person who writes, a person who seeks to grow their writing beyond what it is today, a person that writes in different genres and for different audiences.  So, by my own definition, I am a writer.

I have always been a writer for my students.  I have always crafted examples and notes pages and even published poems and essays to guide my students. So, I am a writer.

I have always been a writer for myself.  I have always penned thank you notes and birthday cards.  I have even shared a holiday story with family and  notes in margins along with labeled file folders and endless lists. So, I am a writer.

I have always been a writer as a student.  I have always drafted essays in handwriting.  I have always typed and revised essays to draft.  I have always proofread and published for a grade.  So, I am a writer.

Being a writer for my students sent a district literacy consultant to me.  She had seen my student work and thought that I would be a good voice in the blog community that she was developing.  My first posts took a long time and were without my voice, but I quickly found my rhythm and my voice and I began looking forward to writing my monthly post.

This blog sent me searching for other teachers who write, and so “Two Writing Teachers” offered me a place to write consistently and in narrative.  I could grow my informative writing and explore personal stories that I rarely had a chance to tell in this place.  I could also write consistently and receive feedback.

My blog writing sent me looking for research on student blogging, so that my students could also grow their writing and open up their voices to a wider audience.  So, my students are writers.

I am a writer because I write every day.  I am a writer because I write for an audience.  I am a writer because I strive to be better.  I am a writer because in today’s digital age, a writer is not just the author of a book.

I am a writer.  This is the word that I will carry with me as the year continues.


5 thoughts on “A (Second) One Little Word

  1. I have been trying to think of myself more as a person with this identity and you definitely nail down lots that defines you (and me) as writers. I had my students choose their one little word in January and having them write about the word later in the spring as they hopefully have it more embedded in who they are is a great idea. Thanks.


  2. You’re not a writer. You’re a Writer. I hope you come to see that difference since you are involved in so many writerly things. Go ahead. Capitalize the W.

    BTW: Glad you’re joining us this month! I hope you’ll keep slicing with us on Tuesdays year-round.


  3. What a great “One Little Word!!” I wish I would’ve thought of that! You are certainly a Writer and I’m so glad you feel it. Imagine the feeling when our students finally feel this about themselves?! Watch out world!!!


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