Our Life Together

This year in my personal life has been mostly about getting comfortable and creating a routine in my new home with my new husband. It has definitely had some ups (our first Christmas, a housewarming party, buying new windows and carpet) and some downs (loss of my grandmother, a fight about our roles in the house, and general decorating woes), but that it what makes a good marriage – the balance of it all. One of the things that I’ve observed about my husband is his food intake. Previous to our marriage, a significant part of his budget and his waist line was from fast food – lunch out with colleagues and dinner somewhere with friends. He simply wasn’t going to prepare food or think about it enough in advance to get it ready. On the other hand, I am an avid cook. I love creating favorite dishes that we’ve shared in restaurants and cooking family favorites. It was very natural for me to take on the cooking in our house including making lunches.

At first, he wasn’t a fan of taking his lunch, but recently he even commented how he doesn’t even eat lunch out anymore. He even added that he liked that he could work and eat. Not ideal, personally I think he should take a break, but I’ll take that he’s accepted his lunches. Also, we’ve taken to eating dinner together at home which he hadn’t done before. He often went out with family or grabbed something on the way home.  I plan out meals, so there will be a bit left over for lunch, for example, today we are having shrimp scampi, so he’ll take a bit for lunch tomorrow. I really try not to have much more since I don’t like leftovers and because he has this habit of making sure that everything from the fridge has been eaten. For instance, yesterday, steak, baked potatoes, and wedge salad, he didn’t eat his salad. So, today, he called me on my way home and said that I should remember when I’m cooking today that he still has his salad to finish. Personally, I’m not a wasteful person, but I would have thrown the salad out because it doesn’t go with the meal today and because chopped lettuce wilts overnight, so it’s integrity is gone. So, I appreciate that he eats and enjoys what I make both for lunch and dinner, but I don’t always need the fridge empty. As I finish this post, I’ve offered him some more scampi noodles.  His response is, well yeah if you’re going to throw it away.  I laugh on the inside and serve him the rest of the noodles.  Yet another balance, I’ve discovered for our new life together.


3 thoughts on “Our Life Together

  1. I really enjoy the cooking theme that runs through your slices. Food – preparing, shopping for, eating, etc are all central to how we live our lives together. You and your husband are creating that culture together in your new life together!


  2. Sounds like you are figuring things out! I am much more like your husband! It just doesn’t occur to me to buy groceries or think about food. It’s a good thing my own husband cooks, or our kids would starve!


  3. He’s going to be so much healthier because of those prepared lunches and eating in at night.

    I’m the cook in my house too. The deal in our home is that if I cook, he does the dishes. It makes for a happy marriage. 🙂


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