I sit among the boxes, organized, and labeled, but not put away, searching for the document that I’ve convince my husband “I know right where it is.”  In the middle of these piles and the nagging feeling that I really don’t know where it is, but rather I know where it should be, I realize that I forgot to finish unpacking after I moved last summer.

I sit among the boxes because I am looking for my Delta Skymiles number.  My husband, who travels often for work, is a very good traveler and he is very good at getting all of the perks that are owed a traveler, but few of us know about.  Anyway, at the moment, he simply wants to put my number in, so I can gain the miles for the short flight to Chicago.  I told him, I’d be back as I ventured into the basement.  I look anxiously in our filing cabinet, hoping it is in a folder marked “important documents,” but knowing it isn’t there because I just sorted an organized the filing cabinet to complete our taxes.  Just as I thought, it isn’t there.
I move on, mentally sorting boxes, only to know that I have no idea which box this card is in.  After a few moments, my husband comes down and sees the box I’m going through which happens to be the last box Now, opening this last box, I breathe because I know it is in here. If I had known that this box existed, I would have looked there first, but this is the box I couldn’t picture.    He says that we can just look up the number, and he heads upstairs chuckling a bit at my predicament.  At this point, I don’t care, I am am going to find I know that it is in this box.
A moment later, I find it, yell that I’ve found it, and hustle up the stairs.  I present the card to my husband with a flourish and a smile.  He isn’t that impressed and makes a small comment that maybe I should unpack, but I’m happy that I found it.  We realize a few minutes later that this card no longer works, though, because I didn’t transfer my name to my married name.  So, even though I am in possession of my Skymiles number, I can’t use it because I changed my name.
In my defense about not unpacking, for the last six months, I’ve been organizing our house and organizing our married life.  I have given a lot less attention to my single life from which this box originated.  Also, as I have been organizing, if the box fit in a place (closet, basement cupboard, etc.) I put it there and recently realized kept it there.  It wasn’t just sitting in piles somewhere.  Now, like anyone, I meant to unpack and organize these, but life happened instead and I forgot.  Now, though, I realize that I need to finish unpacking.

4 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. Ugh, packing, unpacking, it all stinks. We are beginning the journey of getting our house ready to sell and finding a bigger house to move into where everything will have its place. I am dreading the packing and unpacking portion of this journey. Good luck with the rest of those boxes!


  2. I love your first paragraph!!! It so clearly displays your angst at not being able to find that card! You went through that whole paragraph without taking a breath, without a period! Such good writing! And, about the boxes and unpacking…..it’ll come. Don’t stress too much about it!


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