Customer Service

Yesterday, I called my favorite home goods store to inquire about a product that wasn’t holding up well.  I have a Boo’s block wooden cutting board.  You see these on The Food Network- the large board that takes up a significant amount of counter space.  It is a beautiful product and, to me, the mark of serious home cook.  Anyway, this beautiful product is a bit pricey and needs special treatment.  The treatment is a mineral wash that is out on the board to essentially season and protect it.   The first week, you have to season it daily, and then once a month after that.  I have done all this because I want to keep the board nice and it’s expensive and I want it to last.    However, I noticed in a recent monthly treatment that there were large cracks in the wood.  The kind of cracks that form in wood naturally not through any use.  One was curling from the back around the side and to the top.  And upon looking forward there were 2 more significant cracks on the other side.  Concerned and disappointed, I checked out my mother’s board.  She has had hers for three years and it looked better than mine did after less than a year.  I relayed my story to her and she suggested that I call and ask about it.  So, I did.

Now, we all know stores that have less than desirable customer service and we know stores on the opposite end of that spectrum that you actually pay for the excellent customer service they offer.  I would place this store in the higher end, but by no means out of reach for the average middle class consumer.  The woman I talked to thanked me for my recent order and proceeded to look up the order for the Boo’s block.  Then with few other details she said that they would ship me a replacement and it would arrive at my new address next week.  All I had to do was box up the old board and the shipping store would pick it up from my house. I almost gasped at her response because it was so unexpected.  Instead, I thanked her profusely, and she acted like they did this everyday which for all I know they do.

So,  in this experience, I was on hold for less than 30 seconds.  I got accomplished what I wanted in one phone call.  I didn’t have to pay anything in this experience.  I didn’t have to leave my house to remedy it, and I had a wonderful customer service rep that offered me exactly the outcome I had hoped for.  While I already use this store often, I would recommend it to anyone and would use it myself for more than ordinary goods.

3 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. It’s such a treat when we are treated as important and problems are resolved. Customer service is what brings people back to businesses, or keeps them away. I’m glad your experience was one to smile about.


  2. This is the second slice I’ve read today in which things worked out perfectly when they weren’t expected to! Makes such a difference when that happens… even the little things matter.


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