I sit on Saturdays and give myself a manicure. I start by taking off the worn polish from the week and file the nails into smooth crescents – not too long, not too short. Cuticles come next – hydrate and shape. And then the best part of all – the nailpolish. I make a habit of buying nice nailpolish because it stays on better, my favorite is OPI. I also make a habit of buying a new color every month or so because nailpolish makes me happy. This week poses a particular problem, though. The calendar tells me it is winter. The temperatures are slightly warmer and the sun is shining, yet there are piles of snow on the ground. It might still be winter, bu I am sick of my winter dark colors (Linkin Park in the Dark, Moody Blues, and Cement the Deal), but I don’t yet have the confidence to paint bright spring colors. Could my nails adorn a light gray, almost like a rainy bring day? Or should I just keep the dark because everyone else is still wearing it? I settle on a pale pink, “Pinking of You” to be specific, and the color coats my nails, smooth and shiny, and gives me a sense of happy. Honestly, the change of nailpolish color makes me happy. I’ve never been a person to drastically change my makeup or hair, so nailpolish has always given me a quick and easy change.  I’m a pretty classic person, a a French manicure often adorns my nails, but I’ve had teal with a neon green accent nail, I’ve had black and white zebra stripes, I’ve had all colors under the sun with sparkle accents.  For now, though, every time I look down at my nails this week, I will know that spring is on its way even if there are still piles of snow outside. Then there will be a new color next week.


7 thoughts on “Nailpolish

  1. Nailpolish is awesome, isn’t it? It makes me feel amazing to have freshly polished nails. I’m glad to know someone who feels the same!


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