Where I Write

I write the details of my day each day in my head on my hour-long commute home.   I reflect a lot during this time and make a plan to move forward with a problem that is still lingering or I accept the outcome and move on.  This is also a good time to find structure.  The details of main ideas get organized and I usually find my “so what” so that when I write, I am ready.  This is also a good time for to-do lists that I jot in the notebook that I keep in my purse.

I write my dinner menus and shopping lists in the notebook that I keep on my kitchen counter.  This notebook travels with me to the store and is very messy.  Jots surround the pages with things I’m thinking about.  As organized as is my thinking in my car, this notebook is messy, but useful.

I write my Slices in Evernote, so that they are on any device I might have time to work on.  Slices that I want to publish go right here on WordPress.  So, whereas I would previously kept this work in a notebook, I have transferred straight to typing because I really don’t have time for the two steps anymore.

My writing with students was previously in a very cherished notebook which kept every skill’s notes and examples, but also notes from students and comments from students as they learned each skill.  This work now exists in Google Drive, where it is very useful, but not nearly as personal and beautiful.

So, I write all day in my head and in the morning on my computer and at night in my notebook.  I write with kids, I write with adults, I write in books and on post-it notes.  So, where I write is inside me and shared with others as often as I can. Thank you “Two Writing Teachers” for giving me a space for writing consistently.


4 thoughts on “Where I Write

  1. I love hearing that someone else writes in their head. I actually see the words in my mind. Do you? Anyway, cool glimpse into the heard of a Writer. I love the look of notebooks, also. I still keep them, but they are often not there when I need them – my phone is!


  2. I LOVE reading these posts on how and where slicers write. I had never thought that I could write my slices on Evernote! I have it but it just did not think to utilize that way! What an inspiring post!!


  3. I enjoyed reading about all the places you write. I write in my head too – especially on my runs or drives.. I wish I remembered a notebook, but I usually jot things down on my phone. I agree with you though, and really connected to this: “This work now exists in Google Drive, where it is very useful, but not nearly as personal and beautiful.”


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