What if?

We started class as we have begun to do lately by saving our documents in Google Drive and adding any necessary folders to our Drive.  Today, though with that instruction, hands shot up around the room – their Drives weren’t loading.  Used to such a problem, I quickly prompted students to search for the document name since were used to Drive not updating on our iPads.  However, upon further work and the ever circling Google bubble, the documents wouldn’t show up and then the message popped up: Drive cannot access your document.  So, now students were locked out of their own documents as well as mine.  Google Drive failed me today.
As any teacher, does, I offered students several working options and extended their work deadlines.  Students were also innovative and worked in other apps and spent time writing their own slices rather than updating their planning sheets which works for me.

Ironically, when I first started transferring all of my class notes, assignments, and student work to Drive, my friend wondered, “What if Google shuts down or decides suddenly to require payment for their apps?”.  I said, overall, that I wasn’t worried because I had all of my documents saved elsewhere.  Today, though, it was a problem.  It made me think about extra time I spend preparing online documents as opposed to paper and the time we spend in class learning how to use the online features, and even  in my personal life to the amount of memories that I have digital.  What if the internet shuts down? I finish typing this slice still wondering just that.


4 thoughts on “What if?

  1. Excellent question. So much of our society relies on internet; it goes far beyond the classroom. Submit taxes and pay bills online. Schedule appointments, maintain online calendars. There would be chaos if the internet went poof-gone.


  2. An unnerving question to be sure! I always have everything auto-sync to two or more “clouds” in case one disappears, but, still, most of it is cloud-bound at this point!


  3. I think being low-tech is just fine. I’m stunned at the amount of keyboarding and mouse work our children CHILDREN are being asked to do in 3rd grade for our state test coming up, SBAC. We are not prepared and I’m wondering what’s reasonable and developmentally appropriate. Clouds are evasive to me. I prefer the real ones in the sky.


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