The Ultimate Indulgence

I had an extra hour in my day, and I had a list of things I could do.  However, I feel that extra hours such as this are a gift and should be treated as such, and so, I took a nap.  A nap, I believe is the ultimate indulgence.  I believe this because there is always something that you could in that extra hour, for instance, finish the program application, prepare a mentor text document, or make cookies.  But, I will do all of things anyway because I have to.  A nap, however, is not a a have-to, it is a want to, it is the ultimate indulgence.

So, I settled myself in my blanket.  I affectionately refer to this blanket as my queen’s robe.  It is brown in color scheme, but one side is fleece and the other side is leopard print which is a bit sassy, which I like.  Now, it wraps around me because the top quarter folds down and buttons into the blanket itself, forming two arm holes.  The rest then hits just at the tops of my feet, so when I lay down on the couch and fold my knees up, I am settled inside the blanket itself.
 I wrap myself in my blanket,in my favorite spot on the couch.  It is the corner where the two pieces of sectional couch meet.  In this spot, I can lay perfectly and comfortably, where I can see the TV, and the time on the cable box. Now, I am almost set, but the TV is important.  I can’t turn on something new because then I would get caught up in that show and lose my napping time.  The perfect napping shows are ones that I have watched several times, so that I know exactly what is happening, so I’m not at risk of missing something as I nap.  I have “The Gilmore Girls” on my DVR, so I quickly turn to a new episode and settle in for my nap.
The next thing I know, I am waking up, feeling great and wishing I could stay right here in my spot.  But, now there are things to do like cook dinner and make lunches.  So, I proceed through my nightly tasks, but with the beautiful blankness of that hour behind me.  And when my mom asks how my day was and I respond that I got home early, she naturally asks how my nap was.  My family knows that napping is always my number one choice and it is one that I don’t take lightly.

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Indulgence

  1. I am with you! I LOVE naps!!! Your description lets me know exactly how much you also love naps! That blanket sounds fabulous. I want one! Good for you for taking this extra hour in your day to nap. Naps are very, very necessary. I am sure of it!!


  2. I am an avid proponent of napping. I believe the world would be a better place if people took more naps. My favorite nap is a summer nap, in a hammock under the tree in my backyard, with soft summer sounds in the air. True bliss.


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