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I went home, knowing that I had all the ingredients for the new recipe that my mom shared with me:  paella.  I thouroughly enjoy cooking and do so each night.  I used to cook with my mom each night before I got married and I affectionately referred to myself as her sous chef.  I would cut up and prepare all of the ingredients and she would make the dish.  Now, I’m on my own, but with knowledge from my mother and recipes from The Food Network.
With this in hand, I start by reading through the recipe and grabbing the ingredients from the refrigerator and panty.  The shrimp gets peeled and deveined before I put the stock on to warm and the oil to heat.  An andouille sausage gets added to the heated oil and the smell immediately erupts in my kitchen – a bit spicy and warm.  While this is heating, I chop colored bell peppers, onion, and tomatoes to add to the sausage pan.  The colors are beautiful and smell becomes pungent and fresh.  Finally, I de-glaze the pan and add the rice and stock and season.  Adding the shrimp and fish to the pan, I put the whole concoction in the oven and set the timer.  I am anxious to taste this new recipe.
When it was finished, I took a picture of the paella that I had just made and sent it to my mom.  It was such a natural part of my day that I had previously shared with my mom that I thought she would like to see that I still did it even without her.

4 thoughts on “Food Pic

  1. My daughter is a natural in the kitchen as well. When she was little, she used to ask to see people’s cookbooks whenever we visited other families or friends. This was a delightful peek into one of your passions. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I was right there in your kitchen with you as those wonderful smells erupted! Your writing is so visual and…. smells so good! Your mom has taught you well. I’ll bet she appreciated the picture. She probably misses those times with you, as well!


  3. What a great way to stay connected to your mom! I’ve never been much of a cook, but you make it sound so enjoyable.


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