Good Riddance February

February ends.  Finally.  I dread the month of February each year.  I know it is the shortest month.  I know it is the last true month of winter.  But, I know each year that it brings nothing to look forward to.  This February was no different. So, let’s take a quick look back at the cold, and I mean record-breaking, don’t leave your house cold, and did I mention the dark?

February was upon me, and I looked forward to it as I did every other February.  I knew it would be dark, cold, and long.  The frigid temperatures and 16 inches of snow hit Michigan in February with a quick snow day for many, including me.  The piles of snow kept us home, but away from our tasks.  It was a nice start to a long month.

Valentine’s Day came next, and I was happy to celebrate my first as a married couple.  I’ve never been one to be impressed by this holiday, but my husband and I made a good time of it.  It was the first that we could stay in our own home, which we did.  I made one of our favorite meals out – a steakhouse dinner at home.  Filet cooked in a cast-iron skillet with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus with blue-cheese sauce.  A little indulgent, but a nice evening at home for us.

Thankfully, I had a few days off for winter break.  I just needed to be.  I went shopping with my mom and my sister and didn’t do a single bit of extra household chores.  The shopping was fun since we went needing nothing, but were able to walk away with a few treasures that were on sale.

In the same week that I was off for winter break, we were forced off due to frigid temperatures.  The cold kept me inside my home, but I started some tasks that I’d been putting off.  One, was to put away some boxes that were simply piled in the basement from my move.  Not exciting, but the extra time made the task not seem so dire.  In the unpacking, I found my wedding handkerchief that I had slated as lost in the shuffle of the wedding day and moving.  This handkerchief was hand-made for me and initialed with my maiden name, and is really one of the few things I could imagine passing to someone from my wedding day.  Since we had the day off, I found it.

The rest of February continued as I finished up a unit with my kids at school and took a chance on writing a Slice of Life each day in March.  Well, maybe February  wasn’t as bad as I thought, but here’s looking forward to March and spring and any good things that warmer weather and sunshine bring.


11 thoughts on “Good Riddance February

  1. Isn’t it funny how we start out writing with one thing in mind, like – February was horrible – and end up with such wonderful gems as the missing handkerchief that was found, the memorable shopping trips with the family, etc. I love that! Here’s to a fantastic March with lots of writing and other memorable happenings 🙂


  2. My husband looks forward to January and February being over as soon as it can. I’m glad you took the chance on this challenge. You won’t regret it!


  3. We just had the warmest February on record. I feel for all of you that had winter dump on you. And I worry about the craziness of the weather. Glad you are doing the challenge.


  4. Cold and dark are energy sapping to me. Give me warmth and sunshine, and I feel invigorated. So here’s to hoping the dark and cold days are behind us.


  5. Ugh. I thought February would never end here in Chicago, and March started off with a little snow AGAIN! I like how you found so many positives to focus on. Hard to do in the cold ickiness of winter!


  6. I’m not sure which is worse – the cold this year or the snow last year. This has been a long February, but it seems like you have found some great ways to pass the time. I know I am looking forward to spring, too.


  7. So sorry for your frigid February. We don’t have cold temps, but the dark is ever present here. It’s why I keep my white lights on my deck on through February and sometimes even into March. Here’s hoping for a mild March to come. So glad you found your wedding handkerchief. I always celebrate when I find something that’s been lost.


  8. Could totally relate to your post! We had our snowiest February on record in Colorado this year. Yikes! I am ready for blue sky and daffodils! It sounds like you were productive though! Looking forward to more slices this month!


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