I spent a few days debating it, but it had to given in. Single Stitch. Then I spent a few days learning it. Turn. And a few more to redo it. Half Double Crochet Stitch. But I now have about 3 inches long of cable crocheted scarf.  Front Post Trebel Crochet.  

I needed an activity.  I wanted something to entertain my hands but not necessarily my mind or body.  I was feeling the winter laze which, for me, is the strong desire to sit on the crunch and watch tv.  I decided that I could do that and crochet.  So, I could fulfill two desires.  Single Stitch. It has been years since I crocheted anything and to be quite honest, I’m not sure that I even have one finished crochet project.  This one, however, I will finish, and I will wear.  Cable Stitch.
 Anyway, I bought the crochet book with patterns for cable stitch scarf, pillow, gloves, hat, and afghan because I like books.  I also bought a quick beginner’s direction book, so I could read the directions in the pattern book.  Single Stitch. I picked out my yarn and came home happy that I got everything on sale, and the cost of the end scarf will be less than one I could buy.  Single Stitch.  So,  I learned the stitches, a single chain stitch, a half double crochet, and a front post treble crochet for the cables that I practiced on my gauge swatch.  A day of practicing and many removed stitches, I was confident that I could start the scarf and make it wearable.  You know, unique enough to be proud that it is handmade, but cool enough that it doesn’t look handmade.  Even better, I thought that I know had the skills to fill many cold winter days.  Cable Stitch
So, I started the scarf.  36 chain stitches, turn and 36 half double crochets.  Now, count correctly, or it won’t be even and the pattern now includes different stitches.  4 half double crochets, 4 front post treble crotchets until you have covered 36 stitches and end with the half double crochet. About an inch in, I have a wave of stitches and the scarf is so ugly that I can’t imagine even another minute working on because I will never wear this monstrosity.  So, I head online to watch videos.
First, I am not as adept as the women on these videos, but after I get past that, I realize that the directions are wrong.  I buy the book because books are more formal than online, and it’s wrong. It turns out that I need two rows of half double crochet so that the front post treble crochet can join the extended stitches.  So, loving books, I was betrayed by them and had to resort to online anyway.  I undid the day’s work and began again.  This time, it is right and I have a scarf that is unique and cool.  So, a few snow days and a project to work on, my hands are busy and the Gilmore Girls episodes are fun and enjoyable.  Now, I have 5 inches of crochet scarf, only Forty more to go.  Half Double Crochet Stitch.

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