Searching for a Slice…of Life

I went on a search for my slice of life only to realize that that purposeful search was the opposite of the meaning behind a slice of life. A slice of life is not something that I can find, but something that I should notice.  A slice of life is a moment that is made available for me.

I was faced with one of those miraculous evenings when the possibilities were all mine. My husband was out of town, so takeout was in my hands for dinner, rather than a meal that I would normally prepare.  We were also having a catered lunch at school the next day, so the regular nightly chores were quickly finished, and I found a moment to sit down and ponder what my night would hold. Now this night was accompanied by frigid Michigan weather where temperatures were in the single digits and felt like negative of those low numbers. Despite the warmth of my house and opportunity of a night alone, I ventured out.

The venturing was planned and a part of my weekly routine, a spinning class at my local gym.  But it was one that I thought seriously about avoiding this week.  Typically, it takes me about 8 minutes to get to the class and I like to cut my arrival close enough that I can get a spot in the classes and warm up, but by no means be early. Tonight, though, I left early thinking of the New Year’s resolution people that crowd the gym at this time of year, only to get stuck in traffic. The cut-through street that I take was completely closed, and the off-ramp was jammed with everyone previously on the cut-through. 30 minutes later, finally merging onto the street that can take me to my gym in about 10 minutes, I know, that there are no bikes left at spinning and the temperature continues to drop, so I am forced back home. Home I went, disappointed that I missed a workout that I thoroughly enjoy and frustrated that I ever left my house in this cold, but with a slice of life and some time to write it.


11 thoughts on “Searching for a Slice…of Life

  1. So glad you’re joining us for the challenge this week. Welcome!

    It is so hard to get to the gym at this time of year. Heck, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything other than make hot cocoa and soup when it’s so cold outside.


  2. Welcome to our writing community! Your first slice is exactly what a Slice of LIfe is all about. Sorry that you didn’t get to your spinning class, but so glad you took the time to write. Looking forward to many more slices.


  3. You get it. You got it. Welcome. Let me tell you, you will find only friends here. In your writing, I was captured. You put me in the moment, in the traffic, the cold, wishing I had stayed home. Completely there with you. That’s what a SOL is all about!


  4. Welcome! Three years ago I pushed myself to join this community. 3 years later I am still here and have particpated in the March daily slice of life. Some days it’s easier than others, but what makes it special are the positive comments.


  5. Welcome to SOL. This community continues to amaze me! You have the true meaning of a slice. Sometimes they hard to find but when we take the time to notice, they seem to suddenly appear. Look forward to reading more about you!


  6. You will love this community and the life of slicing! Your story reminded me of my daughter in law and her angst last year at this time with in her gym with the “resolutioners” it made me laugh! Welcome!


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